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DSO for the manufacturing industry has drastically increased from 2008 to 2009.  In 2008, the average DSO was 43 days, while in 2009, the average DSO was 55 days.  In addition, Days Payable has increased.  From 39 in 2008 to 51 in 2009.  Is this a sign of the times?  Check out other analytics below with data provided by iLumen.


So you’re interested in exploring other forms of financing, but you’re not sure about all the details.  Maybe this chart will help you understand the difference between bank loans, factors, and FTRANS.


Is the biggest part of the economy getting ready to rebound?  The U.S. economy experienced a 1.3% increase in purchases, an increase that was larger than expected, and also 0.3% higher than the previous month (also higher than expected).  Experts suggest we can thank the “Cash for Clunkers” program in part, but the rise in spending expands to other industries.  In other good news, incomes climbed 0.2 percent for a second month and inflation decelerated.  To read more about the economy in August, check out the Bloomberg article here.

According to the WSJ, small-business loans are up at many of the nation’s lenders, but business isn’t exactly humming, and growing apprehension about commercial lending could leave a substantial number of firms without a source of capital.

JPMorgan Chase, the parent company of Chase Bank and Washington Mutual, said it issued about $1.5 billion in loans to 4,177 small businesses with revenues up to $10 million during the second quarter, up 32% over the first quarter.

However, lending is still 60% of what it would be in a normal economy, according John Asbury, the executive vice president of business services at Regions Financial, even though that is an improvement from the 50% it was at last year.  To read the whole article, and to read about how the SBA is dragging it’s feet, click here.


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